March 18, 2018


Many of the excellent teachers currently working in Germantownschools have expressed concerns about how the formation of a municipal school district will affect teachers.  Teacher compensation leads the list of concerns.  State regulations require the newly formed district to offer a salary schedule at least equal to the salary schedule used by the old district.  NO teacher joining a municipal school district will experience a reduction in pay.

State Board of Education Rule 0520-1-8-.01

(Newly formed districts shall) Employ teachers whose average training shall be at least as high as the average training of the teachers in the school system, or systems, out of which the new system is to be formed, and pay to each teacher a salary supplement in an amount at least as much as the salary supplement being paid in the parent school system or systems.

Teacher retirement plans are managed through the State of Tennessee.  The municipal school district will remain part of this system.  Teacher’s pension benefits will move with them to the new district.

Teachers will have to apply for positions within the Germantown Municipal School District.  Some teachers currently working in Germantownschools may decide to transfer to schools outside Germantownin order to remain with SCS.   With so many teachers to be hired, it seems likely that most teachers will remain with their current school.

Another issue for teachers is tenure.  State law does not require a school district to recognize the tenure granted to a teacher by another district.  Once elected, the Germantown Schools Board of Education will decide whether or not to recognize tenure granted in other districts.

A municipal school district offers us the opportunity to retain the high quality faculty currently present in Germantownschools.  The plan for the unified district reduces the number of teaching positions in suburban schools and encourages the best teachers to accept transfers out of the suburbs.

The goal of a municipal school district is to put an excellent teacher in every classroom.  We need local control over hiring and retention to make this goal a reality.